A temporary wonderland

If you can smell the roasted almonds and
the popcorn in the streets you know
in Münster, Germany,


Three times a year the public festival takes place in
front of castle near the city centre. Every season visitors can enjoy amusement
rides like a Ferris wheel and switchbacks, shooting galleries and food stands.
You can eat pretzels (a common german pastry), candied and chocolate covered
fruits, roasted almonds, all kinds of sweets and a lot lot more. The highlight
is a big firework that always takes place on Friday. You can see it all over the
city. Nearly one million people join the fun every year.

The word Send actually
isn’t the normal term for fairs like this. In the rest of Germany words
like Kirmes, Rummel or
Funfair are more common. The word Send comes
from the word Synode which meant the assembly from clerics, which was held in
Münster twice a year. So back in the past
the Send was more a market than a

Every kind of people are visiting
the Send and it is really a lot of fun. Old
people standing at the food stalls watching the younger ones having fun on
bumper cars, swing carousels and ghost trains. And when it’s getting dark the
whole places looks like it dropped out of a fairytail due to the hundreds of
lights glowing in the dark. So if you like loud music, happy people and street
food, the Send is definitely the place to

Here are the dates for
all Sends:



Rosa von Scheidt

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