After bombs

“It is ridiculous. I walk on that street almost every
day”. Actually it does not matter where or when, unexpected bomb attacks are
everywhere, but the reaction is always the same. Last week was in Istanbul,
Turkey, and Yunus Yildiz one of civilians who suffered the

“My friend and me wanted to go out after the football
match but, in the last moment, he just said no, so we stayed longer in our
dormitory, in front of the Vodafone Arena – Besiktas stadium.

It was just a second and the whole dormitory was
shaking after a huge noise. I was really afraid. I thought “they” -any terrorist
group- were bombing my dormitory. I just moved to the next room and next thing I
saw were flames. I was so scared that I shitted in my pants.

45 seconds after the first explosion, we heart another
one. And then, shots.

They were only 45 seconds, but for me, these seconds
were like my whole life on me. After some time, still shocked, we were searching
something on Twitter and forums to find out what had happened. Of course I did
not check any TV channels – because after every attack, Turkish media is
blocked for a while and there are no news.

I saw flames but I could not understand if it was out
or inside the stadium. Anyway, it was obvious that PKK did it because, first,
they attacked against policemen, and second, they waited after the match till
nor civilians were there. If it would have been ISIS -self-proclaimed Islamic
State-, they would have killed everybody at that very moment. That could mean
at least 10.000 deaths and not 40. After that, I tried to go outside to find
out by my self what was going on in front of my residence, but it was too
dangerous. So I was checking the news the whole night. At the beginning the
government said there were 20 wounded, but obviously many people

Next day -Sunday 11th- was an ordinary day for Turkey.
Daily life. We got used to it. Every month something similar is happening in our
country. But yesterday -refering to Saturday- I realized that I could not get
over it yet. With any voice or ambulance sound, I feel something is happening
and I am scared again”.

– Was it the first bomb you

“I was close to some bomb attacks before, and they were
close too, but I did not really hear them at all. Not like this one. This attack
was really strong”.

– But actually, it is not about how many or how close
you are. It is not about who press the buttom or if 40 policemen died. Not any
more. Turkey is, after so many years in conflict, in another

“Everybody should understand something: Government and
Kurds cannot find peace through guns. PKK can kill 10.000 more people, but it
does not mean they will get something better from the Government. There is only
one way to look for human rights: talking, as educated people. Any side of this
war will win. Only people will keep dying.

We can fight against our president and government, but
only with ideas. We tried in Gezi -peaceful demonstration started in 2013 in
Istanbul, but which got support all over the country-, but some people chose
violence again and we had to stop it”.

– So is it a good way to create a political party and
fight inside the Parliament?

“People should sacrifice themselves on this way. Do you
know what Gandhi did in India? He said: ´do not be violence and let´s show them
we are right till they can kill the last one of us´. Fighting with ideas takes
so long, but killing people as well: PKK started 36 years ago. Look Colombia and
Las FARC -The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or ´guerrilla´, 50

I always tried to understand Kurdish situation. 20 or
30 years ago Government did not care about them, as they did not about Turkish
either. Government fucked up civilians and only Kurds raised their voice. And I
really support it. They had to and still have to. Every person should do it. (…)
But we have to play this world game with its rules. You cannot get any peace
without fighting. But the only question here is how you will fight.”.


Sabela González

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