Associazione YEPP

YEPP Italia was born in 2012 as the outcome of a 10 years programme named Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme implemented in several EU countries, including Italy. Its activities are inspired by the principles of equal opportunities and respect of human rights.

YEPP Italia activities are supported by the Turin based foundation Compagnia di San Paolo, in recognition of its inclusive, efficient and empowering approach to youth work and community development.

What we do:

• Create activities at local, regional, national and international level to bring about the empowerment of the young people involved, with a special focus on the involvement of young people at risk of social exclusion or those of lesser opportunities, in order to foster active citizenship and participation to the life of their community.

• Create long term partnerships and strategic alliances among NGO’s, public sector and private donors with the aim of promoting and supporting youth and community empowerment.

• Lobby at local, national and European level so that the public authorities recognize and implement in their policies the principles of empowerment, community development and partnership.

YEPP Italia works with young people mainly of the age group 16 to 25 and organizes workshops, trainings and youth exchanges as well as seminars and meetings with decision makers on the theme of youth and community empowerment. All these activities are conducted with a non-formal and informal learning methodology. YEPP Italia is also collaborating with local partners, municipalities and foundations to set up and manage youth activities and youth centres in Piemonte, Liguria, Calabria, Sicily and Basilicata. YEPP Italia actively participates to all international activities organized by the YEPP International Resource Centre based in Berlin, including international youth exchanges, meetings of young people and decision makers and training courses.  YEPP Italia is an active member of the EmpowerMediaNetwork and the Youth4Media network.