That was the sound of last weekend in 8 different
countries. Bomb attacks, fear and death around.

160 out of 257 deaths in 5 different countries of
Africaduring were noted this weekend. However, all attacks have something in
common: violence against government because of religion influence. Muslims
versus Christians in Egypt as Amenábar represented in Agora´s movie about 4th
century. Yemen’s government and Arabic military against Shia and Jihadists.
Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq. Turkish government against Kurds.

Anyway, it does not matter why, guiltless citizens are
suffering because of all of these wars and fear, and die over and over having no


Two seven year old girls got out from a normal car in a
a crowd market in Madagali, north-east of Nigeria. First one of them activated
the bomb connected to her clothes. When people around went for help, the other
one activeted hers. It means 56 deaths, including those two girls. Act like this
make Nigeria to be in third position with more victims, almost 5.000 in

There are no responsible for that attack but this zone
is under Boko Haram control.

Close to the famous and valued Guiza pyramids, one car
exploded after being stopped for a control, which means 6 policemen dead. In
this case, there is a group in charge: Hasm group, or “Decisiveness” in


Hundred of soldiers waiting for their monthly pay in Al
Sawhaban base, next to the international airport of Aden, in Yemen. In the
middle of this ordinary and even happy moment, one guy with an explosive belt
press the bottom and at least 48 soldiers died and 29 are still

Self-proclaimed Islamic State claimed the

Meanwhile, a suicide in Mogadiscio security check
point, in Somalia, another car full of explosives has exploded.

Hours later, one hour and a half later the 2-1 to
Beşiktaş football match and again ‘
This time was a bomb car. 45 seconds later, another bomb in a park full of
policemen. Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK), claimed that that dramatic event, at
least 41 people were killed, 30 of them are policemen but the rest are civils.
After 8:30p.m. Turkish time, the Government starts to detain HDP political
members till the huge number of 118.


Nobody knows how, after the security
12 kilos of TNT
inside the women side of Saint Petter and Paul church, part of the famous Saint
Marcos cathedral while Christians were praying. 25 copts minority deaths. Nobody
has claimed the attack yet.

The distance of 4 countries and 5.063 km far away,
another bomb car and shoots in the capital city of Mogadissio, in Somalia. 29
policemen and port men died in front of the police building. Al Shabba, Islamic
group connected with Al Qaeda which desires to have an Islamic law, assumed to
be responsible.

In Iraq, two bomb cars just exploded in the middle of
Faluya, west of Bagdad, with Islamic State signature. 8 people died.

And in Kurdish areas, Turkey was answering the attack
of the day before, bombing PKK bases.

If it is not enough, “Democracy Now” (Independent
global News Program) affirms policemen killed 4 protesting men who were against
government in Cameroon. Also a big explosion in Kenya because of a truck full
of flammable substance, leaving 40 deaths and more than 30 injured.

And, of course, Aleppo,
Syria, always burning. In less than 24 hours, more than 120.000 civils have
moved and left the city after bombing every minute. And it is because yesterday,
Iraqi army with Russian help again has 98% of Aleppo under control.


Sabela González


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