Caucasus University

The history of Caucasus University began in 1998 when Caucasus School of Business was established. Its motto is “Studium Pretium Libertatis”.

Caucasus University is an accredited higher education institution for students seeking a superior education. It curriculum is supported by participation in international programmes and by visiting professors. Engaging teaching methods are used, and these are buttressed with professional experience programs and exchange programmes for both students and scholars. Courses are delivered by internationally qualified lecturers which ensures the preparation of highly-qualified specialists in various spheres.

CU consists of various schools: Business, Law, Media, Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Governance, Tourism and Economics and HealthCare School. The university has the legal right to award standard and diplomacy specialist qualifications based on Georgian legislation: bachelors, masters and PhD degrees. There are also various certificate programs available at CU, including short study courses.

Caucasus University has well-established relations with many of the top European, American and Asian universities. Students are thus afforded the opportunity to participate in two way exchange programs. Students from other countries also learn with CU as regular and exchange students.

The mission of CU is to graduate competitive, highly qualified, morally grounded graduates who are faithful to democratic values and principles of democracy. They will specialists who design and implement research-oriented teaching and learning as they go about satisfying educational requirements of an open society.

As part of a continuous profess of self-assessment, development and evaluation, CU oversees and reviews its mission in ensuring the relevance to a constantly changing environment and the overall needs of Georgia.

Caucasus University (the “University”), a limited liability company as a legal entity, routinely realizes its activities based on legislation, its Charter and Bylaws.  University has an independent balance sheet, seal, its own flag, school song and other symbols. It maintains its bank account and other private and legal requisites.

University’s motto is: “Studium Pretium Libertatis”.

According to the legislation of Georgia, the university has the right to grant specialist qualification, which includes bachelor master and doctoral degrees with certificates for qualified Certified Specialist, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees.

The university’s main aims are:

Raise the qualification of applicant, realize student’s individual potential;

Development of creative skills by realizing highly-academic and professional development programs;

Development of science and the scientific method in applied teaching;

Support Georgian and World Culture value systems amongst students, bring about their orientation to the necessary democratic and humanism values for the development of civil society;

Attract and retain highly-qualified local and foreign academic personnel;Apply the latest methods of teaching/learning and scientific research;

Create technically equipped environment, ensure methodological and informational support.

In achieving its aims, the university strives to:

Develop strategic plans and calendar plans;

Provides academic higher education bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral education programs;

Provides  professional higher educational programs, including short-term vocational training and retraining of educational programs/courses;

Implementing of principle of continuous lifelong education;

Based on open competition select and maintain teaching staff on a high scientific and academic level, and who have the ability to be effective lecturers;

Realizes scientific research by using effective methods of quality assurance in support of a
high standard of teaching and research;  

Promotes scientific work, by using the amounts allocated from own budget;

Carries out educational activities and publishes textbooks and other educational literature and
research findings;

Provides the learning, teaching and research in academic freedom;

Provides academic staff and students in decision-making and in monitoring;

Ensure the management of publicity and assure transparency;

Create the conditions the learning  by disabled and special needs students;

Cooperate with Georgian and foreign higher institutions education;

Enable conditions and opportunities based on acting legislation for the creation of other needed conditions which will contribute the stated goals and mission of the university.