Dear Poland…

Today Poles are celebrating the most important holiday
in Polish history. November 11 is the National Independence Day. Our EVS
volunteer would like to share the letter she wrote to

Dear Poland,

I am writing this letter because today is the most
important day in Your history – National Independence Day which all of Us –
Poles celebrate every year. This day commemorates the anniversary of You being
free again, my dearest Homeland, after 123 years of partition by the Kingdom of
Prussia, the Russian Empire and the Habsburg Empire.

Even though I am not there to pay homage to You and
celebrate Your independence in my motherland, You must know that my heart is
with You – filled with respect, longing and pride that I can call myself a Pole.
Thank You for the beautiful forests, clear lakes, and breathtaking mountains.
Thank You for the most amazing Family – my parents and my little sister. Thank
you for letting me travel all around the world to improve myself, gain
experience and share with people how beautiful You are.

Last months have been hard. Your dignity and Your
independence have been violated. I know… it’s not the Poland my ancestors were
fighting for. And I know.. it’s not the democracy my ancestors were fighting
for. Do not be angry with your citizents though we are the ones responsible for
what is happening to You now… Everyone makes mistakes, also did we. If I have
the chance to choose again, I promise I will.

I have to finish now. I want to wish You all the best –
never give up, never lose hope in Us and never forget that You, my beloved
Poland, are the most beautiful place in this world.

Yours sincerely,

Beata Jaranowska

photo by Wiktoria Marek-Ryś

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