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The media education training, Team Up Youth is moving forward. On the 3rd day participants refreshed their knowledge about social media, on-line journalism, audio and video. Professional trainers from UK, Germany, Denmark and Macedonia discussed with the others how to make their products easier, faster and better.

We finally have seen participants in action – recording audio, taking photos, following facebook and writing articles. The main point of interests was the topic of the transitions from the school to the working market. It was important to train in all types of media during that seminar because the aim of the project it to help teachers to use video, audio, photos, etc, in their schools. Media in this case is supposed to be a tool which trainers can use to make their lessons more interesting and more successful.

During the 4th day of the Team Up Youth seminar all participants were testing the methods of teaching about media in the schools. The team from the organizer – Burgerhaus Bennohaus prepared the list of the examples of working with audio, video and photo. What was good, what could be changed? Those are the questions which the testing group is trying to answer during the workshops. This part of the seminar is important for the final product of the project – the guideline for teachers. Everyone who wants to teach about media will have a possibility to find the information about the methods and media itself via a printed guideline. Thanks to the first days of the seminar, the guideline will be reach of the school systems in different countries and practical examples of media organizations working in the schools.

Daria Jaranowska

Photo taken by Jacopo Landi

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