Elblag in the eyes of Youth


16 young people from Elblag, Poland visited Bürgerhaus Bennohaus in Münster, Germany to develop their cross-media skills. Summer Journalistic School took place from the 20th till 25th of August 2015. The Youth could generally feel the spirit of live shows and practice with green screen.

For some inhabitants of Elblag, the best way of spending the last week of their holidays was to pack their suitcases and go to Germany to learn about media. European Youth4Media Network supported by AKO Bürgerhaus Bennohaus organized workshops for 16 Youths from Poland about: recording a live show, using green screen, drawing on a graphic tablet and basics of traditional animation. Youngsters had also the possibility to visit the city center of Münster and the Old Town. For one of the trainers, Daria Jaranowska, it was an unforgettable week: ‘For me, as a Polish girl living in Germany, it was fantastic to host so many motivated Polish guys who are so interested in media. I was really happy to show them Münster and see how much they enjoy the city. It was definitely a project which touched my heart because Elblag is 40 kilometers from my hometown. I look optimisticly in their future and hope they find a way to work in a local TV’.

Youth from Elblag had many interests. Some of them were skilled in filming, some wanted to take care of social media in the future, the other ones dreamt about the job of a moderator. ‘It was fantastic. I learnt a lot about the things which I was interested in. Münster is beautiful and surprising. Bennohaus is a place from my dreams. It is perfect for me to develop myself as a journalist or a moderator’, says Pawel Szejgiec – one of the future TV presenters.

All youngsters are volunteers from ESWIP (NGO from Elblag, Poland). The Summer Journalistic School is a part of the bigger project which the association from north of Poland is organizing. Anna Kazimierowska – one of the Polish organizers admits: ‘It can be a preview of a very interesting and fruitful adventure. This initiative is just the introduction to renew the editorial board in the ESWIP association. We will create the Youth TV studio including the appropriate equipment. It is done to develop a stable civil and media educational tool for the Youth in our city’.

The project ‘Elblag in the eyes of Youth’ started in March 2015 and ends in April 2016. During the first part of the initiative young people from Elblag took part in several workshops (journalism, camera, video, photo, editing, social media, production, communication). After the “Summer School” in Germany, all participants will create their own TV studio and be responsible for producing video reports, taking care of social media and consulting with other inhabitants of their city.

‘Elblag in the eyes of Youth’ is realized by ESWIP in the frame of the program ‘Citizens for Democracy’ and financed by the Funds of EOG (Europejski Obszar Gospodarczy – European Agricultural Area)

Daria Jaranowska

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