European Union and crisis to the East


“European Union and crisis to the East” European Youth4Media Network at a panel discussion with George Soros in Berlin.

The chairman of the European Youth4Media Network e.V., Dr. Joachim Musholt and the head of the Bennohaus department of public relations, Daniela Elsner, went to see the panel discussion “European Union and crisis to the East” in Berlin. In the rooms of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung George Soros (chairman of Soros Fund Management, LLC and founder of the Open Society Foundation), Joschka Fischer (political adviser and founder of Joschka Fischer & Company, former foreign minister), Rebecca Harms (member of the European Parliament, Die Grünen party member/ EFA) held a two-hours panel discussion in front of journalists and interested audience.

After the removal of Viktor Janukowitsch Ukraine is right in front of important decisions to be made. Beside important political questions like building an interim government and getting a political legitimacy by democratic elections the economic recovery will be a striking challenge. The experts on the podium discussed the political and economic situation in the Ukraine and asked for the implications for the relationship between the EU and Russia. The Open Society Foundation is a sponsor of the European Youth4Media Network and supports the building of open and tolerant societies.

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