Exhibitions of Art & Media


The Exhibitions of Art&Media „Ways out of Poverty“ will take place starting at Münster (DE) on 22.09.11, next is Thessaloniki 24.09.2011, Aarhus (DK) 30.09.2011 Riga (LT) and Istanbul (TR) on 01.10.2011, Milano (IT) 07.10.2011, Hannover (DE) 11.10.11, Kristiansand (NO) 24.-31.10.11 and Amman (JD), Rishon Le Zion (IS) and Dobrich(BG).

The two years project “Art & Media – Ways out of Poverty” was realized by NGOs from Germany, Jordan, Poland, England, Bulgaria and Norway. It is promoted by the European Youth4media Network. All hosting NGOs of the exhibitions are Network member of European Youth4Media network. The best of all digital art work will be presented as an one hour short film show attended by posters of art work. Visitors will see, hear, feel, talk and learn about cultural diversity by imaging digital art work of audiovisual facets how to overcome poverty and social exclusion.

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