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People from different countries met together in Münster, Germany, to learn about cross media and talk about globalism. The training took place between 7th and 15th of December 2015.

The beginning of December in Münster was quite warm: good temperature, a lot of sun and Christmas fever. It was a perfect condition to organise a media camp. Youth from Poland, Turkey and UK spent together with Germans a media week in Bürgerhaus Bennohaus. During the first days they learnt about different types of the cameras and shots. Combination of the theory and practicing allowed the participants to take an active part in producing the video products. As Lars Kasberg, one of the participants, admits: “I think the media camp combined learning a lot about using a camera or editing a video, meeting nice people from other countries and get to know their culture. I really liked how the trainers created a good atmosphere in the group. It was also a nice experience for me to improve my language skills.”

The real challenge for all was the topic. This time participants dealt with globalism. ‘It is not that easy to produce a video report in one week, with unexperienced people about such a complex topic. This time we had a really multicultural group, which brought a lot of different points of view about globalism’ – says one of the trainers, Rafael Anton Garcia. After brainstorming, hours of filming and editing the groups produced videos about international aspects of the food, music and meeting points.  ‘We tried to find out an easy way to investigate what globalism means. In the end of the week we created a report about the international meaning of the food. We collected many opinions of the inhabitants of Münster. Now we feel way more informed and full of experiences’ – admits Icaro Orengo – a media trainer.

Proud trainers and participants presented their products during the final event which was streaming live and was connected with a debate. Guests from different parts of the world were talking about the influence of globalism. ‘This process is happening and nobody knows what it will bring but we can’t stop it. We live in different countries with different cultures but we have much in common. Sometimes we don’t even realise how similar we are’ – said Hira Farooq from Pakistan during the final discussion.

Different people, different countries, different continents and the same clothes, the same music, the same users of the Internet – those conclusions brought the week full of learning about media and globalism.

The metting took place as a part of Face Up supported by European Union. The project is organised by European Youth4Media Network together with the partners from Greece, Romania, Turkey and Germany. It was already a 4th meeting of Face Up. Information about the previous ones you can find here:




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