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From 18.06 until 26.06.2015 European Youth4Media carried out the “Face Up” training course at German Romanian Foundation in the nice West Romanian city Timisoara. Gabriel Szofran and his team from Students TV from Polytechnic University performed a media practice training course for 20 youth workers from Germany, Turkey, Poland and Romania. Some have backgrounds of students, NGO volunteers and aspiring citizen media journalists.

The two years Youth in Action project coordinated by European Youth4Media Network starts successfully. About 120 young people from all over Europe will join media training courses and youth initiatives to become youth reporters in the European Youth4media Network.

The training course in Timisoara was accompanied by Y4M manager Benedikt Althoff: “Sustainable development, civil society engagement and the support of youth with fewer opportunities is essential for a better education, for democracy towards a decent life for all citizens in Europe and the global South”. The young reporters got a professional introduction to be creative with the digital audiovisual media. They produced 4 films on the topic social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and the music clip „Sustainability“.

Jacek Czerwinski, student from Lublin (PL): “In the international training course I gained a lot of new digital skills. Now I can shoot and edit a video report by myself. On the next training in Münster I will raise my trainer skills and later on I will train the youth in my hometown Lublin how to work creatively with the digital media.”

In the framework of the youth activities the civil society engagement, sustainable development and the inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities will be increased. Face Up will encourage and qualify youth workers, volunteers and young people to gain media competences, journalism and trainer skills.

Right now there are starting Youth initiatives in Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Timisoara and Münster. Young reporters will stake their new skills in media reports to pull one´s weight to reduce poverty and unemployment, to expand horizons and to build up respect for other cultures and the natural environments.

Benedikt Athoff

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