FRG Timisoara

Founding: 20 April 1992

Target Groups: Unemployed people from age 17 and older, disadvantaged people, SME                                        

Organization: Vocational adult training centre – NGO, 28 Employers, 10 extern collaborators, 16 teachers, Dual training system in, Long term courses over 12 months organize in modules, Short-term courses modular over 3,4,6 months, specializations from 2 – 5 Weeks,600 Students per Year.

Training offer: Courses for skilled workers in the field of construction, installation, and welding, commercial, train of trainers. 35 Modules recognized Diplomas in Romania.

Significant results: Until 31 December 2013, 1371 organized courses, 20673 students, 4802 unemployed people, 90% of the unemployed students reintegrated in work, 5 SME created, 4 SME financed. Cooperation with local institutions and national labor offices, training providers, technical university Cooperation with 125 Rumanian companies and 19 known European Companies.

FRG-CPPPC Timisoara is member in EVBB (European Association of Vocational Training Center) from 1995, EBSA (European Building and Services Association) from 2002, Member in the European Youth4Media Network e.V. from 2008.

FRG Timisoara, has implemented 45 projects, of which 9 as the applicant and coordinator, projects financed by PHARE, Leonardo da Vinci, YOUTH, GRUNDTVIC , European Social Found. FRG has collaborations whit 85 institutions from 31 Countries. FRG has also experience in training of detainers, over 200 inmates were trained in various trades and10% of them were reintegrated in work.FRG Timisoara has class rooms, workshops and laboratories equipped to European standards and has an accommodation capacity for 100 people in rooms with 1 , 2 and 4 places, equipped with bathrooms TV and wireless internet.