German-Israeli Intercultural Evening

Our first evening started with Intercultural evening. The opening point was a German quiz during which we could check our knowledge concerning Germany. We’re lucky to say we knew all the answers!
Afterwards we had the chance to listen to Gidi Dukas, one of the trainers from Israel. He referred to the tense situation in Israel and emphesized the importance of Europe’s help and awareness of the conflicts there.

What’s more, we watched a short movie recorded in Israel, in which one of the actresses was our particpant – Yovel Raz. The most entertaining part of the Israeli presentation was learning their traditional dance called ´´hava nagila´´ (eng. let’s cheer up).
Delicious food and drinks from Israel and Germany where the main point of the evening. We had the possibility to taste Israeli sweets and chickpeas or relish German gummy bears and beer made here in Münster. We enjoyed our time together while talking and dancing.
And today we’re already busy with our projects. Can you imagine more enjoyable and efficient way to spend summer days? We’re the lucky ones 🙂

Beata Jaranowska

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