Good-bye Nasutów

The laptops are closed, the cameras turned off, the microphones put away in their boxes. It looks like this media camp in Nasutów has ended. But it was an eventful and busy week in which the groups made amazing videos they can really be proud of.

The 20 participants from 5 different countries met on the 23rd of March and quickly grew into a team. Although from various cultures the desire for media made it easier for them to get along working side by side. Agnieszka Sygacz, one of the trainers in this project, summed it up: “We are learning from each-other, about our cultures, sharing our experiences to make a real good project in the end.” The topic “cultural diversity” can be understood in different ways and although it sounds tough to make a short film on that subject the groups made it look easy. They approached the issue in a variety of different ways: humorous, symbolic, as a parody, as a discussion, as something that speaks to them. “It was very complicated because from one side we didn’t plan any movie, but my group was so advanced and intelligent, that we condenced the theory into two days. We decided to record a video and concentrate on the context. The meaning of the subject to us was: who are our friends from abroad and how we feel about them.” said Daria Jaranowska, the group leader. The final event in the last evening of the camp was the time to see the fruit of their hard work. It was worth waiting for it because the movies turned out even better than expected. The laughs changed into tears as our participants realized it’s time to say goodbye as their last day came to an end. So on the 31st of March they packed their bags and waved good-bye to the Polish landscapes.

Although it’s not really “goodbye” but “see you soon” as the group members will surely see each-other. If not on a similar camp in the near future then on any of the social media sites. Thanks to today’s technology it’s easy to contact and set up a meeting. That’s why the participants look optimistically into the horizon knowing that it’s possible that they will work together again and make something special like they did in Nasutów.

Grzegorz Konopski

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