Goodbye Münster!



“The person who has lived the most is not the one who lived the most years but the one with the richest experiences.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Today (that is 31/08/2017) is the last day of the best year of my life. On 1st of September 2016 I started my European Voluntary Service in the most charming German city – Münster.

I was lucky to be accepted by Youth4Media Network e.V., situated in Bürgerhaus Bennohaus, which was my hosting organisation. And honestly I could not have chosen better! Y4M is an example of a perfect EVS hosting organisation: taking care of its volunteers and interns, fullfilling their needs, being there for them whenever they need help, always focusing on them and making them feel like home.

In Münster I spent unforgettable moments, I met amazing people and FELL IN LOVE with the city of bicycles. I enjoyed so much food in Peperoni – an Iranian restaurant with a crazy and lovely owner; I spent Friday evenings in SpecOps – playing board games and table tennis, listening to music, drinking Pinkus and chilling after work. I cycled everyday to get to work, to do shopping or to get through Promenade to get to Aasee – a lake which is a popular place of meetings for a barbeque or just relaxing with your friends over the water.

I learnt a lot.

Firstly, thanks to Y4M. Now I know how to record videos and how to edit them. I created my own videos which make me feel proud even if at the same time I know I have to permanently improve my skills. I wrote plenty of articles for Y4M website. I did research for every topic, which made me realize how important it is to use your knowledge in an appropriate way, not just putting random thoughts together and thinking “It’s gonna work out, I am a journalist”.

Secondly, I have changed. I grew up. I learnt to be more patient and I realized that there are so many different people on this planet. There are those who share similar attitiudes and values as mine and those who are tatally opposite with their way of living. And it is their choice. The key to communication is understanding and tolerance, being humble and honest, honest with yourself and others.

Thirdly, without any doubts neither hesitation, I am inclinced to believe that one of the ways to live a happy life is to follow your dreams. Never give up and not to be afraid to try, even if the failure is one of the possible outcomes.

Life starts beyond your comfort zone so Go, Travel, Explore and Live – LIVE TO THE FULLEST.

Beata Jaranowska

I would like to thank:

~ Dr. Joachim Musholt, the manager of the Arbeitskreis Ostviertel e.V., for giving me the opportunity to be an EVS volunteer in Y4M,

~ the team of Y4M – Daria, Agnes and Arndt,

~ the colleagues from MNSTR MEDIEN, MEDIENDING and PR,

~ the emplyees of Bürgerhaus Bennohaus – Ivelina, Seval and Dirk,

~ my German teachers – Mrs Singrid, Mr Burchardt and Max,

~ all amazing Friends I met during this year – Elias, Zar, Tuğçe, Lydia, Lisa, Kinga, Konrad, Kristina, Sylwia, Ania, Krzysiek, Minoas, Nefeli, Filippos, Adi, Carloz, Ben, Amit, Lidor, Dimitris, Yağmur, Enis, Pascal, Aymen, Aaron, Amadeusz, and Arek.

~ and 3 the most precious people who made this year so unforgettable – D., C. and M.


Vielen Dank.

Thank You.

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