Happy Nowruz!

According to
calendar, 21st March is the International Day of
Nowruz, which starts with the begining of Spring

Nowruz means a
new day, and it is the first day of Hamal (Hamal is the first month
of Hegira calendar. This calender is formally
used in Afghanistan and some other Islamic countries and it has started from
Hegirat of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) from Mecca to Medina. The upcoming year
of Hegira is 1396).

Nowruz is
the Persian New Year and it is one of the oldest jubilation remained from the
ancient period. This festival became an international festival in
2010 and it is celebrated in Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan,
Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and some other countries.

In general Nowruz means
moderation day of spring (moderation in day and night). The origin
of Nowruz is not clear but some people ascribed
it to Babelian and some others ascribed it
to Zardosht. It is also
called Jamshide Celebration.

On this day people prepare table
of Nowruzi such
as Haft-Seen – seven symbolic items starting
with Seen a letter of Persian alphabet, which

  • Sabzeh
    wheat growing in a dish (symbolizing rebirth)
  • Samanak or Samanu
    sweet pudding made from wheat germ (symbolizing af fluence)
  • Senjed
    dried oleaster (symbolizing love)
  • Seer
    garlic (symbolizing the medicine and health)
  • Seeb
    apple (symbolizing beauty)
  • Somaq
    sumac fruit (symbolizing the color of sunrise)
  • Serkeh
    vinegar (symbolizing old age and patience)

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haft-Seen

Additionally some people put seven dry fruit on the
table; a mix of dry fruit and it can also be put in the water.

at Nowruz people wear new clothes and go
sightseeing, do picnics or meet friends.

The traditional Janda
also takes place in
northern Balkh province of Afghanistan during
the Nowruz day. Afghans raise the flag
of Imam Ali and call it Janda
and they pray to Allah for a better upcomming

Nowruzi is
also a part
of Nowruz celebration. Nowruzi is
a special culture of Afghans, in which the family of a son who has bben engaged
to a girl, gives some gifts to their future bride and appreciates her. Clothes,
dry fruite, fish and jelabi are Nowruzi for the
engaged girls. This culture carries out
before Nowruz with traditional

At the end I wish
happy Nowruz to all and I wish all my countrymen
a Happy Nowruz along with peace and


Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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