Healthy foods

“Good health worth’s half a kingdom” it is something
everyone says, but still less people know how to be healthy and what to do to
stay healthy. We may have faced the people who complained about their health and
suffered sickness, but we might have never asked them what they have did to stay
healthy or what has caused them to fall in


They may have not paid attention to
their diet, soft
, light mental
and other things a healthy body needs. Even they
may have consciously welcomed sicknesses by smoking cigarettes, hashish and
other drugs.

One of the most efficient ways to stay healthy is
having healthy foods. It is easy to know what
healthy food means, and how to procure it easily. Healthy food does not
necessary mean foods rich of protein or vitamin, but there are some other foods
containing essential elements which can be an effective health provider. For
instance, it might be obvious for people that vegetables are healthy, but we
need to keep in mind to pay attention for cleanliness and maintenance. The
healthy food can become harmful food it depends how conscious we are.

In addition, particular diet and some
other physical and mental activities are
widely recommended and based on your effort to use healthy foods we can say “A
sound mind in a sound body”.


Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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