Helau Alaaf!

You open the door of the office, like every Monday
morning. But what is this? It’s empty. Could you maybe have missed


It’s Rosenmontag in
Germany, the highlight of the German Carnival. Every year, 48 days before
Easter, Rosenmontag takes place. The whole city
centre is blocked for the ‘Rosenmontagsumzug’. More than 100 floats drive
through the streets and throw sweets and keychains. The variatey of people come
there, starting from little children with there parents over students with their
friends, right up to seniors. Nearly everyone is disguised and all shout ‘Helau
Alaaf”. It is a common shout and it differs in every region of Germany. After
the event in the centre there are a lot of parties in the clubs and bars of the

There is also a traditional food eaten on this day:
berliner – a round pastry with jam inside and sugar on the top of it.

So go home, grab your costume and join the


Rosa von Scheidt

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