I am here because…


I was born in a country which is always waiting for a
real peace. Empathy, solidarity, and togetherness are the things people want,
but it is also a big challenge for them.

I am from Afghanistan the country which is well known
for its three decades of war, but it is also famous for the ancient history,
culture and civilization, and the location which is called the heart of

I am a journalist and a civil society

Why am I here?


I am so much interested in media and relevant
activities, hence I decided to become a journalist. I have gained BA in
Journalism at Kabul University at the end of 2013, and fortunately I found
opportunities to work with different media organizations as Intekhab Daily,
Bitlanders, Wekalat Magazine (Afghanistan Independent Bar Association) and many

While I started working with Afghan
Women’s Network
, I
helped AWN to develop a monthly newsletter and I am currently working as Chief
Editor of the Newsletter. It publishes Afghan women activities, achievements,
challenges, problems and their recommendations.

Apart from that, I am Citizen Journalist and
Chief Editor for the
News Page
– a platform for Citizen Journalism,
where I am trying to engage youth into media activities through conducting
trainings, workshops and online guiding. Via my blogs for
I would like to share the community needs for the

Why am I here?

I am one of the CrossCulture Program
for the year 2016, the fellowship is awarded by Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
ifa. The CrossCulture internships gives young people from Germany and Islamic
countries the opportunity to gain diverse experience abroad in the context of
their working environment and to act as multipliers in their home

I started my fellowship in the middle of February and
it is still going on. I wanted to do my
internship with European Youth4Media
Network and fortunately the
organization has agreed to host my

Although I will be on my #CCP_life for short period of
time, I can count this opportunity as a key to reflect my culture, the new face
of Afghanistan from youth prospective along with the achievements, challenges
and recommendations of us.


Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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