‘In every handful of ashes I look for my close friends’


Lublin is a city rich in history and its city can tell many stories with old buildings remembering the II World War and many spots that remember the loneliness of the Jewish victims of war, their age-old culture and still show that in the easthetics of the Lublin’s old city. That is what attracted the participants of Team Up in Nasutów, Poland.

The trip started with the comfortable bus ride that gave chance to see the sights of the city. Not long after that the group gathered on the Litewski square where the massive sculpture of general Jozef Pilsudzki. There they met up with the tour guides who started giving detailed description of what the buldings mean to the Lublin inhabitants and history itself.

The tour continued with visiting the important Lublin spots such as the statue of the memory of Jewish culture engraved with the immortal words „W kazdej garstce popiolu szukam swoich bliskich (In every handful of ashes I look for my close friends)„. The next stop was the area where the old Jewish marketplace was, the Kowalska street which in the past had the gate dividing the jewish district from the christian one and after that the place of Jewish ghetto. After that they saw the lubelski castle, the symbol of the city recognisable in the whole Poland, which was the prison area in the XXth century, from there the group could marvel at the panorama of the old town and gaze upon the Thursday Hill. The place is remarkable in the fact that it is the place where three churches, each with a different religion, are situated next to each-other.

After sightseeing there came the time to relax and refresh, visiting one of the Lublin’s finest cafe and pub in the old city. The beverages quenched the thirst of everyone and gave them the energy for walking around the city’s malls and shops looking for souveniers to take back home.

After the whole excitement-filled day the group came back to the House of Nasutów in the cover of the night, some talking and some having a short nap on the bus. The day came to a close while the bus brought the participants to the hotel. Now they wonder what great experiences the day can bring tomorrow.

Grzegorz Konopski

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