InDVT – testing workshops


On 12th July 2017 the testing workshops of the project „Inclusive digital video training in youth work“ (InDVT) took place in Münster, Germany. Over 10 participants from different organisationstook part in it. The project leaders aimed to collect the feedback about developments and activities whichhas been done so far.

The testing workshops in Münster were organised in July by the Arbeitskreis Ostviertel in BürgerhausBennohaus. The main aim was the testing of products during the development. Over 10 youthworkers, leaders, trainers and teachers took part in order to obtain opinion and recommendations toimprove the products quality.

The workers of Youth4Media presented all the stages of the InDVT project – preparation, meetings,website, products, etc. The participants were talking about the main topic: inclusion and videos. Thetrainers presented the profiles of the project leader and partners. The big part of the day took thediscussion about the logo of the project and the designed flyers. Some of the aspects are still toimprove.

„It was really interesting to listen to the feedback of the external people. It was a good experience todistance yourself to the products which you created within the project. Only in this way you canmake them better and improve – not only the project but also your own skills and abilities“ – admits Daria Jaranowska from the German partner of InDVT.

The day full of impressions, evaluation and feedback finished with a success. The list ofimprovements was forwarded to the leaders of the project and will be taken into consideration. InDVT project is on a good way to finalize its outcomes.

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