Lifelong Learning in Istanbul


The participants of the project “Lifelong Learning for
Digital Inclusion through Media Literacy” (shortly: Learning Media) were
able to collect many new impressions, new friendships and new experiences
during the last training course of the project.

The fourth and final workshop and the large final conference of
the partners European Youth4Media Network (Germany), MediaTerraNea (Greece) and
YOUTHART (Turkey) took place from 3th to 10th April 2017, in Istanbul. After
the arrival at the Taksim Lounge Hotel, right in the heart of the city, the
workshop started on Monday with mutual learning. Murat Akbiyik, chairman of
YOUTHART welcomed everyone present in the organization’s new office. A joint
dinner rounded off the first day. On the second day the participants were
tackling the main topic of the training course “lifelong learning”. After
discussions about the concept, all participants agreed on one thing: lifelong
learning is part of the human nature and is a process that is accelerated by
the new media.

After lunch, the dangers of social networks were discussed.
Muhammad Taqi’s speech impressively demonstrated that the use of social
networks is primarily responsible for the difficulty of dealing with
confidential and personal information, and that our generation is open in
helping to shape these networks. After dinner, some participants gathered to
explore the beauty of Istanbul.

The third day started successfully with the “online workshop”.
In the afternoon, useful applications and programs were on the agenda. Among
other things, Kahoot, an application to retrieve knowledge or simply to create
and evaluate surveys. The evening was organised under the motto “digital
night”, the shown film “The Intern” caused a cheerful mood.

On Thursday, participants faced a “Mission
Impossible”, they formed four groups to shoot together as many photos as
possible and to get to know the city better. After completing the Mission, the
metro took all participants to Sultanahmet, where, among other things, the
visit of the Blue Mosque and the landmark of Istanbul were on the agenda.
Tired, but full of new impressions, the participants took part in an
intercultural evening. There were different country-typical specialties
presented, in order to get to know each other’s cultures better.

The results of the week were evaluated on Friday and
subsequently new project possibilities for the future were worked out in
individual working groups. The evening offered participants the opportunity to
dive into the nightlife of Istanbul.

After an extensive lunch, the final conference took place on
Sunday at Beykent University. YOUTHART’s Secretary General, Ismail Ata, thanked
the partner organizations, the local partner organizations and institutions for
actively contributing to the successful completion of the project. After the
ceremony, the project participants found themselves above the rooftops of
Istanbul for the farewell dinner to celebrate the end of a successful event.

The Learning Media project is organised by the YouthArt from
Turkey together with the partners European Youth4Media Network from Germany and
Media TerraNea from Greece. The project is supported by the European Union and
the Republic of Turkey.

Andreas Heinze

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