Looking for a partner

Elblag Association for the Support of Non-Governmental Initiatives from Poland is looking for a partner in the project. We are applying in Europe Citizens Program – Civil society projects, financed by European Commission.

We are planning to organize 4 debates (4-days each)for young people from Poland and 2 other countries from EU. The debates will be conducted by experts. The subjects of debates are social, civic activity, social economy and entrepreneurship . The debates will be filmed. Films and the conclusions of the debates will be published of Facebook funpage, websites of the partners in the project.The project will end with a 2-days conference. All mentioned activitieswill take place in Poland, city of Olsztyn.

Additionally in countries of other 2 partners, there will be organized the same 4-days debate(same subject matter). About 25-30 people from partnership countries will take part in each debate.

The role of each partner is to recruit a group of 8 young people (up to 30 years old) and to organize their visit to Poland , to organize one debate in their country, to disseminate films, the results and conclusions of the debates.All the costs of each partner will be considered in project’ budget .

All the partners that want to participate in the project musthave a PIC code, must fulfill a declaration of partnership and short description of their experience.

Contact: mails:

a.sojka [at] eswip.pl

p.pniewski [at] eswip.pl

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