Marriage at what cost?

Marriage is to link the two heart for a better
life and to establish a new community, but in Afghanistan there are
many traditional issues that are harmful for the beauty of new
couple. Afghan’s Weddings are famous because of extra costs. There
are hundreds and in some cases thousands of guests in Afghans wedding


For the preparation of the wedding party the
groom must accept all demands of the bride. He should welcome the
famous singer, the best beauty salon and as well as the
greatest hall decoration. Besides, he should buy
expensive clothes and jewelleries. The most famous
wedding hall with high price dinner is also

Thus, young couples and their families are going
to drown into crippling debts, which could force them to work hard in order
to pay for the huge cost of hosting a wedding. Another issue is the
tradition of Walwar (Bride Price) which is
mostly practiced in the trible regions of
Afghanistan. Walwar is the sum of money paid by
the groom or his family to the head of the bride’s household. Out of this sum,
the bride’s family may provide the couple with a dowry
(or jahez), which usually consists of furniture and
jewellery/clothes. Walwar is basically a payment
to the bride’s family in consideration of the girl who is given away in
marriage, and is not specifically directed to be spent on the provision of a
dowry. Source:

In some families it is usual that the boy should
pay Walwar for the girl’s father before
engagement. Although the custom of paying for a bride is officially unacceptable
it is widely practices.

Wedding expenses have banned youth to
get married. This caused them to go wrong ways. At meanwhile, it caused many
youth to be addicted to drugs, which harm their health; also it can cause mental

Fortunatly in some parts of Afghanistan, elders
and religious leaders have banned expensive engagement and wedding parties. This
initiative would be not only helpful for youth, but it is helpful for the whole
community. It would be better that families save money for future of the
new couple instead of wasting money on unnecessary things.



Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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