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Employees of Bürgerhaus Bennohaus have visited a training course in Struga and a conference in the Macedonian capital – Skopje as part of the project ‚Team Up Youth‘. Together with media educators from Great Britain, Macedonia, Denmark, the media- and cultural center Bennohaus and the network association ‚Youth4Media‘ develop new curricula and material for the use of media in school education. The meeting took place from 10th till 18th of September 2015.

The aim of the project is to support multimedia creativity intensively and to help the students with their professional orientation. As part of a training course, country-specific concepts were
compared and new methods for the media work were experienced. Especially, the personal, social and reflexive competences of young people and the successful transformation in training and profession should be supported. A uniform concept and a practical method for the creative, media supported educational work with young people is produced collectively.

The unemployment rate of young people aged from 15 to 24 is about 53% in Macedonia. Many hope for a workplace in the area of information- and computer technology in Skopje. Kristina Petrovska one of the Macedonian participants from ‚Volunteers Centre Skopje‘ has studied social work and she is interested in the media-educational effort of the Bennohaus: ‚As a teacher who is cooperating with Gypsies and migrants ,I want to use digital media in the future to involve students with a special need. Thanks to media lessons can be more interesting‘ The experts from Münster told interesting aspects about the educational work with refugee children.

After a week of workshops, all the members of the training presented the results of the meeting during a midterm conference in Skopje. ‘I was really proud because all the guys did a great job. We were really lucky to cooperate with such a talented group. I also think that this seminar was really needed for all of us to make our future lessons more interesting and more cross medial’, admits Daria Jaranowska one of the trainers from European Youth4Media Network e.V.

The biennial Erasmus Comenius project will be finished in summer next year with a conference and a training course in Münster. A new guide with methods and teaching material for medial workshop- and project work in schools will be introduced then. The aim is to integrate the use of media and the support of competences in school processes and thus enable students a better chance for the successful entry in the job.

Team Up Youth is supported by European Union Erasmus + Program.

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