Media TerraNea

Media TerraNea is an NGO active in the field of youth work and civil society engagement of citizens. They have been operating as an informal group since 2007, with the main aim to contribute to the sensitization of their local community about current social issues, promoting the values of social solidarity and active citizenship. Their specific aims are:

– to promote voluntarism and social work, especially among young people

– to contribute to social solidarity and tolerance

– to promote humanism, human rights and ecological awareness.

Their activities consist mainly of informative and awareness raising events: e.g. events about smoking, work orientation for teenagers that live in orphanages in the city, organising a self-expression workshop for a group of teenagers that live in an orphanage.

The members are all experienced in youth work, not only through their own actions, but also as volunteers and youth workers for other NGOs in their city.

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