Music magicians from Iceland

Imagine a sunset over snowy

Imagine the northern lights over a frozen

Imagine music which takes you in a divine state of

Meet VÖK, an icelandic band with delicate vocals, seductive
saxophone, pure sound of the guitar and electronic beats as if coming from an
outer space.

VÖK was formed in 2013 in the capital city of
Iceland, Reykiavik, because Margrét Rán and Andri Már wanted to take part in an
Músíktilraunir. They didn’t have
any songs though so spontaneously within a few weeks they’ve created music which
marvelled the audience and let them win the competition. “We really were just
experimenting and wanted to see if we could perform our music live and how we
would go about doing just that” (source:
). At the moment VÖK consists of four

  • Margrét
    Rán Magnúsdóttir
    – lead vocals, keyboard, guitar,
  • Andri
    Már Enoksson
    – saxophone, synths, sampler
  • Ólafur
    Alexander Ólafsson
    – guitar, bass guitar
  • Einar
    Hrafn Stefánsson
    – percussion

“We knew we wanted it to be sensual, so we came
up with a few ideas to get things started. Then we introduced our ideas to
directors Skapti and Baldvin and they took our ideas and made them into the
complete concept. In the video we wanted to demonstrate that it does not matter
who you are or who you choose to be with if you and whoever that may be are
happy about it. Why should anybody care if you’re into guys or girls or both for
that matter? What difference does it make? It doesn’t define who you are. To us,
it’s all the same and it’s all beautiful.” (source:

What exactly does VÖK mean? “It’s one of those
words used to describe something and has no equivalent in English.”
(source: Their music
can be defined as indie-electro or dream-pop. In one of the interviews thay
stated: “There are so many bands and so many nostalgic moments to choose from!!
The biggest ones that come to mind right now have to be Portishead, Air, and
Massive Attack and of course everyone has their Beatles phase!”
). Apart from Iceland, the band has been already
performing in Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Austria,
France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia
and Norway.

“The first time we performed at Airwaves we
didn’t know what to expect! We ended up playing nine shows in four days. To this
day, we really don’t know what was going on; there was so much! This last time
we had time to stop and smell the roses and enjoy ourselves a little bit more,
playing four concerts in as many days. Both times at Airwaves have been the
highlights of each year but totally  different experiences, but both
equally amazing” (source:

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