Now it’s their turn!


We keep going with the project ‘Citizen Media for Intercultural & Political Dialogue’. During the two last days the participants have learnt how to make a good presentation, the different kinds of evaluations as media-trainers and journalistic techniques.

In the first activity of the workshop ‘Perfect presentation’, the participants made an exposition about themselves, showing a curriculum vitae with their educational, professional and personal background. They used it to play a scene in which they were candidates for a job in a company. With this exercise, they had the chance to analyse and value the information that they give about themselves and the way to present it.

Afterwards, they talked about different ways to make evaluations and how to get the feedback from the participants after a training.

Yesterday night they enjoyed German and Turkish food and drinks during the intercultural evening. But the work continues. This morning was the time to debate about journalism. After discussing interviewing, asking questions properly, moderation and writing, each of them started to write an article about themselves. These articles will be published on Y4M website.

After getting the last lessons, it was the right time to act as the media trainers and show what they have learnt so far. Aykut has been the first one. The others participants and even the trainers were plazing the role of youngsters who were part of the course and don´t know the subject, in this case, how the make videos and use the camera. Aykut had to teach them about basic camera settings (white balance, how to set the focus, zoom, light, how to use the tripod, formats…). Afterwards the group evaluated his teaching skills.

The following days, Caglar, Firat, Umut, Oyku and Marius will lead the groups and the trainers, Daria Jaranowska and Grzegorz Konopski, will continue playing the role of normal participants. In the meantime, Isabel Barragan is documenting the training by video, photos and articles. Stay update to see the results.

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