Pakistan – on a lighter note!

I have been asked many times since I came here, “where did you learn such good English from”? Although the question is not bothering but the expressions, the anticipation that comes with it, certainly is amusing part painful. Like every other child in the world, I’ve been raised up educated, self oriented, and prone to all situations and conditions. As a Pakistani, I can understand where all the anticipation and uneasiness comes from, but nonetheless I would presume that there is still room to acceptance.

Pakistan, as most believe, is home to terrorism, calamities and injustices. I would have believed it had been told 10 years back. But now, things are changing for good. With steps taken to eliminating terrorism, we have overcome many challenges. Precisely, we moved on from many difficulties and challenges years ago but sadly the media did not!

Indeed it is most difficult to exemplify thoughts into words as I find Pakistan no different from any other states in the world. Pakistan is at part at many things. From agriculture to food to sports to clothing and to education, Pakistan is doing wonders. You may have heard us through Taliban, terrorism etc. but you may not have heard us through Brazuca, the official FIFA world cup 2014 football made in Pakistan  or through Ali Moeen Nawazish, the notable academic who set the second world record for achieving 22 A’s in A levels or through Arfa Karim(RIP), the youngest certified Microsoft specialist or maybe even through highest mountain ranges, largest deep sea port or largest ambulance network. The list may go on but the achievements shall never end.

Probably the words alone would not be able to support what I say but here are some breathtaking pictures of Pakistan that would help you understand and might change your perception as well. In short, this place is nothing but heritage, ethnicity, natural beauty, vibrancy, colour, food and lots of love!

there is so much more to be shown and so much to be told. In order to know this country and the people living in it, rational approach should be encouraged and every perspective should be kept in mind before making an assumption. Here are social media links to some very famous Pakistani people/pages that are successfully exhibiting Pakistan in all its forms and are showing the world the true essence of this state and are contributing to spreading peace and harmony.

Hira Farooq

Photos examples:

1. Humans of Pakistan

2. Edhi Foundation

3. Coke Studio

4. Fine Art weddings by Irfan

5. S.M.Bukharis Photography

6. Muniba Mazari

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