Partnership Building Activity “Gender Perspectives in Europe”

The Partnership Building Activity that will take place in Yerevan, Armenia, will bring together 30 youth workers, experts and youth leaders from organisations based in EU, EECA countries and Turkey interested in developing new projects and partnerships on the topic of Gender Equality. The aim of our project is to bring together organisations and groups from Europe in order to enhance their cooperation in the field of gender and give them a platform to develop new projects and ideas within possibilities given under Erasmus+. It will be a unique opportunity for participants coming from 30 different organisations based in different parts of Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Caucasus to:

-share experiences of past projects on gender and exchange useful information,

-develop the quality of support systems for youth activities and capability of youth organisations to create new partnerships,

-acquire knowledge about possibilities of cooperation on gender issues across Europe,

-create an atmosphere of common understanding,

-develop new projects within Erasmus+.

For more information about this partnership activity, organised by Armenian Progressive Youth, contact with grigoryeritsyan [at]

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