Photo of the week 04.15

Youth4Media would like to promote young, talented photographers and designers. This week we would like to share the work of Moataz Mohmed, from Egypt. This is the description of the pictures:

“All my life I’ve heard about people who live among the ashes. I never thought that could be true till I started this project and saw that they are truly there. It shocked me when I saw the way they live and the way they get the money for their necessary living expenses. Imagine that a man holds fire with his hands just to have a few pounds to buy bread for his family. The whole idea of the project changed the way I think and it turned out to be not only a project to make me a better photographer but a project that focuses on people no one thinks about anymore, people that no one loves. In these pictures I want to show you a day that changed my life, the day that I entered EL MASBAK.

The first thing you notice when you enter el masbak is that burning heat that makes you think of the fires of hell. After I asked where that heat is coming from the workers pointed their fingers to a giant oven that takes your breath away just by looking at it.  Designed to be underground with the massive ability to make heat reach 1700 degrees it really is impressive”.

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