Photo of the week 07.2017

“What is the meaning of freeze? What is our purpose to freeze something? The people want to protect something which they care about. Why we always do it? Perhaps, we are afraid of forgetting or missing them. Here, the most important issue in the context – cities. The city is a form of frozen culture. Cities reflect our past, our suffering, our experiences and our wealth.

Turkish master architect Turgut Cansever once said referring to Plato, ‘’The greatest human wisdom is the wisdom of establish the city.’’ I strongly believe that. So, as a human we established the city and after? Can we sustain the virtue of keeping the city alive? I am not sure of that.

But there is one thing I know well, Münster is different. It managed to protect the city of Münster. Münster is like the frozen city. If you have a chance to visit Münster one day, you would gain the chance to “live in history”. Yes this place even now still living Middle-age term. That area is great to see at night. The buildings, the streets says something to you. Give your ear, listen to them.”

Berat Senyerlı

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