Photo of the week 24.16

This time we share 2 photos from Veronika Prok from Hungary

‘This photo depicts what the viewer wants to see: a faun asleep maybe? A picture means something if it can tell a story; the more stories it can tell, the wider audience it can reach. This one was made by a Nikon D60 and edited by the software Lightroom. We put a mattress on the floor and my friend laid down on it to let me organize his hair in a tree-like position. We didn’t really have professional lights, so we used every available lamp and some effects of Lightroom, of course’ – admitts Veronika Prok.

The photo below:

I really love the picture in the picture type of photos, because the message is not direct, but it comes as a second thought. In this one the church tower and the cross are in a different mirror, so I guess it can also have many different interpretations. Furthermore, since the cross is inverted from this angle, a second possible meaning can be added. Everything depends on the viewer. This one was my by a Nikon D60 in a small, wintertime village’ – says Veronika

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