Research on media – our visit at Detector Media

By Ketevan Kanteladze

Analysing, researching, changing. That is what Detector Media does – and we visited the organization.
Detector Media is a non-government organization. Until 2016 it was known as Telekritika. This NGO is an influential media platform and a think-tank that intends to enhance the development of democratic, free and professional media in Ukraine. Detector Media also aims to educate critical, thoughtful and sensible media consumers.

The platform was founded in 2004 by Natalia Ligachova-Chernolutska, a Ukrainian journalist and media expert. She is the constant chairwoman of the organization. At first, the main goal of the organization was monitoring modern media but the activity of the team reached far beyond media monitoring and reporting. Promoting media literacy and participating in media reforms appeared among its priorities.

The team grew, and Detector Media appeared known not only as media outlet but as an influential NGO in the field. Since 2014, issues of disinformation, propaganda and hate speech appeared in the focus of its attention. The platform researches and analyses in this area.

Detector Media’s main priorities

  1. Promotion of high-quality journalism
  2. Improving the media literacy
  3. Promotion of journalist’s rights protection
  4. Improvement of state policy in the information domain
  5. Combating propaganda and hate speech

Detector Media is supported by different international donor organizations, such as: NED, SIDA, Internews Network, US Embassy, Council of Europe, Matra.


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