Role of Youth for bringing Peace in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the country where more
population is youth (
more than
but do they play any role in peacebuilding? Of corse the answer will be
positive. Youth is the constructive, graceful and and the key forces of the
country, they have considerable and wider role in sustainable peace, development
and social interaction.

In Afghanistan Peace and Security are crucial elements
for stability, which can be achieved by the potential of youth. With new ideas
and access to new technologies and systems, they can address the peace crisis
from the lens of age and thought. As capable part of the community, their
motivation, internal factors, and a sense of responsibility prevent
fundamentalism and extremism and make allied all strata of the

More number of security forces, media and universities
are youth. Increasing awareness and convergence can help them in thier role and
responsibility towards peace and the misuse of their feelings and

Insecurity, poverty and lack of educational and
employment opportunities force youth to flee the country. Besides, the most
victims of war from the both sides insurgents and freshen breath security forces
are youth who is a severe blow to the stability of the government.

However, the Afghan government’s peace efforts with the
opposition groups hasn’t have any outcome yet because they ignored the role of
youth in peace talks. For the government it is important to use youth as
partners in bringing peace and security. Apart from that, the government should
provide employment opportunities for them to prevent them from joining the
opposition. Also the government needs to set up some informative programs so
the Afghan youth can lead society towards peace and stability.


Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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