SASME – Social Activation of Seniors through Media Education


Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Strategic Partnerships in the field of adult education “Social Activation of Seniors through Media Education – innovative program for senior organizations”

The EU population is ageing, but age is still associated with infirmity, frailty or the need for care. The society, however, can profit greatly from the competence, creativity and innovative capacity of older people so there is a need to bring them back to the society.

The project proposes the comprehensive Programme for Social Activation of Seniors through Media Education to organizations and institutions working in favour of seniors. SASME Programme is a set of complementary activities and tools strengthening traditional approach to teaching and learning. It is a combination of on-site trainings for seniors, learning by doing approach and edutainment – learning by entertaining. It comprises the following elements:

Training Programme and education materials for seniors (utilizing the press magazine and video knowledge pills as a medium for educational content). Handbook for NGOs describing method of coordination of practical education of seniors (by establishing press office of the European Senior Voice magazine and social campaing) Method of organization of social campaign promotion and distribution of the Senior Benefit Card allowing seniors to receive discounts for products and services (engaging local community in the benefit program) A board-game for both formal and informal education of seniors follow-up tool strengthening knowledge and skills acquired in trainings.

By making the SASME Programme available to organizations working for seniors, the project consortium is going to create conditions for engaging seniors in lifelong learning and active participation in social life.


To vary educational offer for seniors through providing organizations with complex educational programme to deliver educational materials related to training content and issues important for seniors (like social and economic security, health) in the form of educational magazine, created by seniors for seniors.

To improve seniors’ basic mathematical skills and economic knowledge necessary in everyday situations, ie. savings and rationalisation of expenditures, fundraising, presentation and negotiation skills through involving seniors in social campaign “Seniors Benefit Card”

To educate seniors in basics of journalism, marketing, press law, shaping key language skills, assertiveness, fundraising in trainings and motivate them to participation in social life through trainings and work in magazine

To prepare adult education organisations for implementation of SASME programme to raise awareness in society on the issue of ageing and the role of seniors in building civic society, through the magazine and involving local entrepreneurs in support of the elderly to reinforce cooperation and exchange of knowledge and good practices between organizations working in the field of social activation of seniors through media education.

Through achievement of the above mentioned goals by the end of December 2018 conditions for engaging seniors (threatened by social exclusion) in lifelong learning and for their social activation will be created and the main result of the project will be achieved. Project will influence various target groups: organizations working for seniors, seniors themselves, local enterprises and local authorities and policy makers. Project SASME is implemented in the international consortium composed of organizations from Poland, Germany, Romania and Lithuania under ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.

Partners: Germany (Bürgerhaus Bennohaus), Poland (Polskie Gry Planszowe), Lithuania (Social Innovation Fund) and Romania (Center for Promoting Lifelong Learning). Organiser: Stowarzyszenie MANKO

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