Team Up Youth – Digital Creativity & Employability in School Education


School education combined with the usage of digital media for better chances on the labour market: That is the goal of a new international Erasmus+ project called „Team Up Youth – Digital Creativity & Employability in School Education“.

The project is conducted by Arbeitskreis Ostviertel e.V., the supporting association of the Bennohaus Münster, together with other participants from Great Britain, Macedonia and Denmark.

Everyday adolescents use smart phones, computers and tv in their daily life. The new “Team Up”-project aims to introduce especially pupils with special needs and migrants to a creative usage of this media in their education to get more possibilities on the employment market. A few weeks ago the kick-off meeting of the 2014 approved project. With their experiences in cross media and youth work the Bennohaus and its European partners develops their proved methods.

Until June 2016 a holistic curriculum of methods will be developed and appointed. It will conclude guidelines for radio- and tv-works or web blogs, video application practices and the production of school magazines. The project aims to contribute these methods to teachers
or youth workers.

Because of the inclusion of digital media production in their lessons the pupils will earn new media skills. The improvement of their critical thinking and social accomplishments will simplify their entrance to the employment market.

The project is supported by Erasmus+

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