The Community Media Association

The Community Media Association (CMA) is the membership body for community radio, community television, and other community-based broadcasters in the United Kingdom.

The Community Media Association has been supporting the community media sector in the UK and across Europe since 1983. It works with its 600+ membership to promote participatory media projects to give marginalised communities a voice and to increase community and civic participation. The CMA has many years’ experience in running national and transnational projects to raise the profile of community media across Europe and to encourage Europe-wide cooperation and peer to peer learning and training environments to benefit entrants to the community media sector. It has significant expertise in the delivery of training on broadcasting (radio and television), Internet radio and television, podcasting, mobile blogging, media literacy and using media as a tool to make ICT accessible.

The CMA is the UK wide umbrella body for all forms of community media in the United Kingdom. We have more than 600 members, and more than 100,000 volunteers in the sector which includes 24/7 licensed community radio stations, short term radio broadcasters, community television and community filmmakers, arts organisations and interested individuals.

Aims of the organization: to foster the growth of all forms of community media in the UK to foster the growth of community media across the worldto support and advocate for the sector at regional, national and European levels

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