The Elbląg Association for the Support of Non-Governmental Initiatives [ESWIP]

The Mission of the Association is to built civil society through activities in aid of non-governmental organisations as well as to support social initiatives. Association is realizing
its goals through:

  • Giving support and advice to people who are running or creating activities in non-governmental organisations;
  • General orientation in issues connected with the range of activities of every organisation
  • Organising integration meetings for leaders and members of non-governmental organisations in province in order to widen and intensify cooperation between organisations
  • Making diagnosis and running permanent recognition of local environment needs in terms of trainings
  • Organizing forum which enables to become acquainted with the latest trends and world solutions of work in non-governmental organisations
  • Distribution of magazines, papers, newspapers, periodicals, documents and leaflets about non-governmental organisations
  • Co-operation with local and public administration institutions as well as social organisations, which aims are converged with the statue of the Association
  • Co-operation with domestic and foreign entities interested in the Association goals
  • Running educational activities
  • Creating common ground between non-governmental organisations in Poland and in EU through organizing meetings, symposiums, trainings etc.

The Elbląg Association for the Support of Non-Governmental Initiatives (ESWIP) was founded in the year 1996. Its mission is to build civil society through activities supporting non-governmental organisations as well as social initiatives. ESWIP is active in the following fields: (1) supporting organisations, (2) co-operation with local governments, (3) Social Economy, (4) Local Activity Development, (5) Civic Media. ESWIP promotes active attitudes and civil initiatives as well as characteristics of active citizens.

Structure of organization: two offices (in Olsztyn, in Elbląg), about 40 employers.

In Civic Media area

It runs the so-called Civic TV (Telewizja Obywatelska) that productions are accessible in the Internet Telewizja Obywatelska was established in 2006 as a part of an EU funded project entitled ‘Civic Media – the instrument of strengthening advocacy as well as activities monitoring Warmia and Mazury NGOs’. It presents videos and thematic programmes, spots and promotion campaigns dedicated to third sector topics. Over 50 programmes have already been produced and broadcast. They promote social activity, encourage NGOs and their actions and strengthen social awareness in favour of the development of civil attitudes. Furthermore, ESWIP publishes the monthly magazine ‘Pozarządowiec’ (‘The Non-Governmentalist’) and runs a publishing house and five internet services (i.a.