The Market

Flowers, voices and the sweet smell of
waffles and coffee in the air

That is the weekly market in

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 7am to 2:30pm, people
come to the ‘Domplatz’, the big place in front of the cathedral, to buy
groceries, drink coffee and chat.

More than 150 stalls provide their goos there. They’re
all divided into groups. Every group has its own lane, so the costumer is able
to compare quality and price himself. There is a lane for butchers, one for
fish-selling, one for the bakeries, a long one for fruit and vegetables. And at
the end of the market, there are stalls for plants, flowers, clothes and
crafts. Specialities like anitpasti, jelly and sweets from the Netherlands,
Belgium, England or Persia, can be bought too.

Nearly everything that’s sold, is produced locally
(except the sweets). There are also some stalls, that sell only organic
products. The whole market uses power from the sustainable energy sources. In
order to provide the sustenance of the visitors and the working people, a lot of
cafés and food trucks offer their wide product range along the edge of the
market. People often meet there to drink a coffee together or eat a snack or
even lunch.

But enough about facts. There is an even more important
issue, than the products which are sold there. The people. Without the people,
the market wouldn’t be a market, right? So what do they think about this event?
First of all, there is nearly no Münster-born human being, who hasn’t been to
the market at least once in their life. Whether it was back in childhood with
parents or grandparents, who took one to the weekly grocery shopping or later
as a student, to meet with friends for a coffee. Everyone went there and
everyone loved it. But also people from elsewhere only have good things to say
about the weekly event in Münster’s city centre. Most people asked (inhabitants
and visitors), described the market as a place that perfectly fits into the
urban image of the city or in fact enhances it. Also the freshness and
regionality of the products was accentuated positively. Yet the thing that was
mentioned the most, is the atmosphere. It’s a feeling of being home. Most of
the costumers know the sellers, since a very long time. Everyone is friendly
and there are a lot of opportunities to taste different things because of the
versatile range of products. Another point is that the market is outside. The
seasonal products are matching the appearance of the surrounding. Beause of all
the tourist, it’s possible to meet a lot of different people from different
countries and cultures. So there is always an exchange of thoughts and

Summarized: To know Münster for real, it’s essential to
visit the marekt leastwise once. Because there is no Münster
without the market

Photo taken by Rüdiger Wölk, Münster


Rosa von Scheidt

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