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Breaking the walls between different nationalities

Being EVS volunteers at the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO, Özge Bozkaya and Ramazan Aygat form Turkey have decided to produce an anti-racism movie tackling the issue of racism and discrimination. Anti-racism includes beliefs, actions, movements, and policies adopted or developed to oppose racism. Therefore, digital and social media are very important tool to share actions, movements and policies.

In this short movie representatives of 14 nationalities promote and spread the idea of anti-racism. These 14 young people represent their national backgrounds and countries of their origin. They believe that there is no difference between human beings and the racism should be eliminated from our life to live in a much more peaceful world.

Özge Bozkaya from Turley is the director of this movie. She is a volunteer in Armenia and this project is very important for her. She shared with us why this topic is so important for her:

“I am from Turkey and problems between Turkey and Armenia create thoughts in two societies which can be a hedge to communication. However, during my EVS in Armenia I have seen that those beliefs that Armenians and Turks have developed through books, articles and TV programs about each other are just prejudices. I can truly say that knowing and communicating to Armenians and the Armenian society is quite different from reading books about the culture of these beautiful people. That’s why breaking the walls between nationalities is the most important thing in order to become a part of peaceful world. Communicating with everybody, touching souls and experiences, sharing your life with everybody opposes racism and is the point of tranquility. So, our movie aims at promoting anti-discrimination and anti-racism movements and actions. We believe that this our world and we should speak out against racial discrimination! I would like to thank all our friends who took part in this project”.

Armenian Progressive Youth

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