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5 counties, 20 participants, 9 days and unlimited ideas – this is how media camp in Thessaloniki started. This time Face Up participants visited Greece. The ancient country welcomed them with a good weather, unknown alphabet and a crazy bus drivers.

Face Up project has its next edition. This time participants from Germany, United Kingdom, Romania and Turkey, travelled to Thessaloniki in Greece. From 22nd to 30th of April they take part in a cross-media training conducted by professional trainers. 3 groups will deal with the topic: civil society engagement.

As Stephan Kuhlmann, one of the trainers, admits: ‚Y4M media camp is not only teaching people how to create the videos but also how to realise the topic in the video. There is a mission behind it. We are travelling to different countries not only to get to know the culture and learn about media but also to think about the local problems’.

The task of each group is to learn as much as possible, to practice as much as possible and to create videos. One of the groups is specialised in photos, one in video documentation and the other one in video reporting. All of them will try to show Greece in many perspectives and realise, how some Greek organisations are changing the situation through their engagement.

Except of learning, participants also have a chance to exchange their experienced and ideas. Thanks to the collaboration, they create a common product which will connect them probably for a long time, even after going back home.

And that connection between people, next to gained knowledge, is one of the most important values for participants of Y4M trainings. Working together and events like intercultural evening connect people the most. Everyone has a chance to present his/her culture, national food and drinks. After the first dance, everything is easier. Because as many of us know, there is nothing better than recording, eating and having fun together.

Daria Jaranowska

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