Urban exploration, shortly urbex or UE. That means forbidden spaces that include maintenance or service areas, utility tunnels, abandoned buildings, such as mental institutions, and basically any place where the everyday public are not supposed to be because it’s adventure, something illegal and has a touch of something mysterious and inaccessible. From this reason the popularity of urbex has increased in last few years.

But still, for some people it’s dangerous, illegal, and dirty. And they are right.

It is dangerous and illegal. Everybody has to take responsibility of themselves. It’s not dangerous just because of unstability from Rusted steel and concrete decay. Because of missing light you can’t see the holes well and you could fall into a hole. Because the building come from old times when asbestos was normally used and coating containing lead and another harmful compounds. In lots of abandoned places wild animals live and people – some of them could be aggressive. For them it is their territory and police keeps out of these places.

Urban exploring is illegal and when you do it in a foreign country, you might be arrested.

Here are some advances for urban exploring:

If you decide that you take the risk, don’t forget bringing with you a torch/a flashlight. This is really important because in the old, abandoned houses there is no light. It may decrease the risk of injuries. A camera (the cheapest one, because it can be damaged or stolen). It is recommended to take money with you. It’s a tricky one – money can bribe your way out of trouble. But it’s up to you.

It is recommended to not go alone. If you are in any trouble, it is always good to have company..If something happens, the other person can call help.

Do some research before go you to explore abandoned place. Online and in real.

here is unwritten code for urbex:

No breaking entering. Try to sneak without any damage.

Take just pictures if you want. Nothing else.

Urbex is not vandalism.

If is possible, ask for permission to enter for visiting visit places via their owners.

Don’t steal anything.

Respect the places you visit.

“take only pictures, leave only footprints…”

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