Vilnius is the biggest city and the capital of
Lithuania, one of the Baltic states in northern Europe. Vilnius is not only the
capital, but truly the heart of Lithuania. It is modern, has astonishing
architecture, beautiful landscapes and wonderful people of varied ethnicities.
Vilnius Historic Center is even in the list of UNESCO protected

I you ever decide to visit Vilnius, I suggest to take a
free tour, it‘s going everyday and starts at 12PM in Vilnius Town Hall (Didžioji
st. 31). If you‘re giving yourself a tour, here places you would like to visit
and things to know about Vilnius.

Places to visit:

So, definetely the Old Town, Cathedral, Palace of the
Grand Dukes of Lithuania (you should visit it if you‘re into history), Gediminas
mountain and castle, Bernardinai gardens, St. Anne‘s and Bernardinai churches,
Užupis Republic, and all of these place are nearby, so you can walk to reach
them. You should also hit St. Peter andd Povilas church, which, in 2016, was
anounced as one of the most beautiful Catholic churce. Three Cross Mountain,
Vilnius University museum (which has the tower with one of the best views of
the city, entrance is 2Eur, totally worth it), and Lukiškės square is near the
city center. Other places worth visiting, but a bit further from centeris
Verkiai park, VU botanical gardens, ŠMC (Modern art center, Wednesdays from 5PM
the antrance is free).

Night life, events,

Depending on what you like most of the people can find
their favorite place in Vilnius. „Būsi trečias“ and „Šnekutis“ ir my favorite
breweries. Piano bar, Berlin, Studio 9, Wine Box is also good clubs/pubs/wine
houses to spend a good evening. Loftas has parties, concerts and some events
most of the weekends. In May Vilnius Old Town is organising Street Music Day
(GMD, more of a weekend) and if you‘re visiting in summer, then „Vasaros
terasa“ is a perfect place to spend th evening, they have concerts almost
everyday, tickets are 2-3 Eur. Also in June we have Culture Night, which brings
all city to live, it‘s colourful, lound and entertaining. And on first days of
September there is „Loftas fest“, which is the annual city festival in Vilnius

The best time to

In my opinion – sumer, its warm, everything is green,
you can really feel and enjoy nature in the city. The city in not that crowded,
since a lot of people are on vacations, but it‘s still buzzing, you have events


Vilnius is not a big city, you can walk to the most of
the famous places by foot if you want to save money, but there‘s plenty of
buses, trolleybuses and mini-vans, that will take you to your destination. 1 way
ticket is 1Eur (can buy it from the driver and need to mark it), taxi is a bit
too expensive to travel with in Lithuania.


Couchsurfing is quite popular in Lithuania, so you can
always try it. The prices of the hostels boggle from 8 to 30Eur per night. You
can find quality in both price and food, just look. If you want to try
Lithuanian food you should go to some of this places: „Bernelių užeiga“, „Agotos
gryčia“, „Būsi Trečias“ (serves not only good bwwer but also lithuanian food,
the best place ever), „Forto dvaras“. Good food, friendly prices (around 5-10
Eur per meal, depens how much do you like to eat).


Laura Babaityte

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