Welcome Israel!

After a long and exhausting flight we finally reached Israel which welcomed us with a sunny weather and beautiful views of Tel-Aviv. Our Israeli friends greeted us with a lovely poster ‘Willkommen’ 🙂 How pleasing it was to see those friendly faces after three months since we’ve met the first time in Münster, Germany.
The first day finished really quickly. After breakfast we took a bus to Youth Department in Rishon LeZion where Ms. Meyrhav Kopito – the Israeli organizer – did the introdution of the project. Then we got involved into some energizers prepred by Mr. Asaf Shenhav – the employee of Youth Department. He also conducted a social workshop ‘Walls of Remembrance’. An interesting part of the day was lunch as we could try traditional Israeli food. Our hosts offered us pita bread with falafel, different sauces (humus, tahini and arisa) and various salads. It was DELICIOUS! For the rest of the day we were working in four different groups: a filming group, an art group, a music and a documentary group.

All of us have appreciated the meeting with Mr. Asher Cohen – the representative of Municipality of Rishon LeZion who warmly welcomed our group and emphesized the importance of German-Israeli cooperation. He was happy to see so many young German people coming to Israel in order to work with Israeli youth. We finished the day with dinner in a cosy restaurant at the beach. The food was splendid and the views were astonishing. We will keep the memory of them in our minds forever.
Today we continue group work. The filming group started filming first scenes at one of the participant’s house and the rest of the groups are working in Youth Department. We have got plenty of energy and ideas which for sure will be used to create magnificent work.

Sending hugs and sun from Israel xoxo,

Beata Jaranowska
Felicitas Wittkamp

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