Welcome Istanbul!

The fourth and the last training from Citizens Media for Intercultural and Political Dialogue project has just started. Two German participants joined young people from Turkey to exchange their video knowledge.

It is already the fourth time when Youth4Media and Bennohaus workers are meeting together with the volunteers of Youth Art. The first meeting took place already one year ago, when the trainers from Germany were introducing to the young Turkish the topic of cross media. Afterwards, participants from Istanbul had an opportunity to practice their skills during the local workshops. For the second and the third training in Münster, Germany they were already prepared for the ‘Train the trainer’ seminar when they gained pedagogical knowledge.

Now it is the time to come back to Istanbul and check the skills of the young trainers. Their task is to prepare the training for the other Turkish participants and share the media knowledge with them. Trainers from Germany are keeping an eye on them and supporting when it is needed.

We wish all good luck and let’s hope that the week of the training will be successful 😉

Youth4Media team

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