When a whole country escapes

Living in tents, containers or self-constructed emergency accommodations. That is the situation of around 9 million refugees. Syria is a country in which political circumstances are insecure. Since four years there is a civil war there. Starting point of the conflict was the “Arabic Spring” in years 2010 and 2011. Population began to fight for rights to freedom, constitutional authority, social and economic perspectives. But instead of human rights and political stability Syria fell into war, terrorism, murder, escape and insecurity. The Assad regime defended their power but didn’t allow rights for Syrian people. This political entity is already known in history: potential fear of losing power by admitting more rights, for example like free elections. That is when the government start to oppress people more and more. When it seems that population reaches their aim, dictators try to solve the problem through violence.

And an ending is not visible in the near future. No adverse party is able to opt the conflict for themselves. By that, harm will grow onwards. In addition, political instability provokes a gap for terrorism. The Islamic State controls around 1/3 of the country. Because of all these grievances, right now there are around 9 million refugees, 12 million people who need help, one million people who are injured and around 220.000 who die and nobody really knows how to solve the conflict.

Circumstances in the camps for refugees are amiss. They have to sleep in tents, containers or self-constructed emergency accommodations. Especially in the winter, the situation is excruciating. Snow and degrees below hinder life in the camps. Primarily school children and old people are in danger. Food and warm clothes are in shortage which leads to terrible situations of children and adults freezing.

In addition, refugees lost all their belongings while escaping so the current situation when food and medicare are missing is even more hurting to them. But the situation also is hard to manage for neighboring countries: Refugee influx is very difficult to handle. Next to Turkey, especially Lebanon and Jordan are overstrained and need help. And the situation is like a vicious circle, because the social and economic structures suffer from the conflict.

To conclude, the rest of the world needs to help care about the “lost people” so that not only the neighboring countries are involved. In addition to that, the conflict has to be stopped to avoid the diffusion into more countries which would lead to more people having to live in danger. That is why the violence, terror and murder should come to an end and a peaceful solution must be found.

Laura Schlapper

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