Youth entrepreneurship as a leading theme of the 8th Economic Forum of Young Leaders

Young Poles are one of the most entrepreneurship-friendly nations in Europe. Apart from Danes, the French, Greeks and Italians the Polish people constitute a group of those willing to be self-employed. However, there is a substantial discrepancy between the potential and the percentage of Poles who are self-employed. What is stalling us? First and foremost lack of capital, setback fears and often lack of specialist knowledge.

Youth entrepreneurship in Poland and Europe will be a leading theme of 8th Economic Forum of Young Leaders, which will take place from 3 to 6 September 2013 in Nowy Sącz. Together with the invited guests, the participants will address the issues such as: long-term business and organization management, the role of knowledge and trust in the contemporary economy and the factors affecting a firm’s survival on the market.

European Youth4Media network is main Media Partner of the 8th Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Poland (3-6.09.2013).

The Forum, which has been regularly organized since 2006, is one of the major international events for the youth. Today, the Form is a network of over 2330 young people, among whom are: heads of NGOs, social, economic and students’ organizations, youth wings of political parties as well as scientists, journalists and entrepreneurs.

The fundamental aim of this meeting is that young leaders from across Europe can initiate new business contacts, says Tomasz Bratek, director of the National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme. It’s crucial that the Forum has been open to the young leaders from all European countries since the very beginning of the Forum’s inception. Owing to the support from the Foundation for Development of the Education System there is a possibility of participation for over 100 people from abroad.

The novelty of this year’s Forum will be a bar camp. The aim of the ForumBarCamp 2013 is to create an opportunity to get to know several successful entrepreneurs and to initiate new business contacts. Bar camp themes will include: crowd sourcing, tailor-made mobile solutions, the use of social media for business aims. It’s all a young entrepreneur needs”: says Michał Wójcik, Forum’s programme director.

Additional feature will be youth business zone, located in Małopolskie Cultural Centre „Sokół”, which is where the panel discussions take place. The zone will be organized by Academic Entrepreneurship Incubators. The idea is to create a place when one could talk with business coaches, share common experiences over the cup of coffee.

Other themes discussed at this year’s Forum: Eastern Partnership, the future of Euro Zone and European cooperation, Europe as a global hub for innovation and business, educational challenges and youth tasks in the contemporary world.

The Forum’s mission is to create ideas for the future of Europe. The Forum’s organizer is European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation. Co-organizers are Foundation for the Development of the Education System and the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies. European Youth4Media network association is main Media Partner of the Forum.

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