Youth4Media won!

The video magazine ‘Team Up’ produced by Youth4Media in cooperation with Bürgerhaus Bennohaus has been chosen as a BEST PRACTICE PROJECT of EAEA Grundtvig Award 2014.

2014 is a special date for the whole Europe. In this year we are remembering that 100 years ago the World War I started. For this reason Youth4Media decided to commemorate all of the victims of the terrible time of 1914. The second edition of Team Up, the international video magazine, was produced based on the movies about the World War I. Young people from Germany, Poland and Russia created videos on the topic ‘World War I in my city’. To reflect, Daria Jaranowska, the managing director of Youth4Media, also included movies about European Elections. ‘Europe can’t be proud of its 20th century. It is the history of wars and occupation.

However, last years are really successful and allow us to think in a more positive way. European Union was a good choice. That is why I decided to produce movies about the Elections to the European Parliament. I put them together with the videos about the WWI in one magazine. This is how all of our producers and viewers could see how Europe changed and how we can learn from the history’ says Daria Jaranowska. The videos about Elections were the result of cooperation between young people from Denmark, Poland, Germany and Spain. All thanks to the Journalistic Academy organised by Youth4Media in April 2014. One of the participant from Spain, Isabel Barragan Vera, admitted: ‘It was amazing to take part in the conference which was about the World War I and then to produce the movie about the United European Elections. I didn’t think about that before but now I realised that Europe has made a big step forward during the last 100 years’.

EAEA also decided to use the fact of the anniversary of the World War I. ‘Remembering World War I for the Future – Adult Education promoting peace and cohesion in Europe’ – that was the topic of this year’s Grundtvig Awards. ‘At a moment when the future and values of a united Europe again face unprecedented challenges, it is a good time to embrace peace and reflect on the past, the present and the future’ – this is how the organisers were inviting young people to take part in their contest.

European Youth4Media Network decided to share the videos which allowed many people from different countries to think about the development of Europe. The 2nd edition of Team Up took part in the Grundtvig Awards 2014 and has been chosen as a best practice project. Between 13 and 14 of November EAEA will organise ‘Remembering for the Future Conference and Grundtvig Award Ceremony’ in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Youth4Media is invited there to present Team Up as a best practice project. You can find the successful magazine on YouTube:

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